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About Us

ParrotPlay was founded in late 2014 by founders Stig Eide Sivertsen, Hein Espen Hattestad and Borgar Ljosland. They have a background from TV-distribution and hardware development and wanted to create a unified streaming experience in the diverse streaming universe. They wanted to give people a real option to piracy while at the same time supporting the users desire for freedom of choice and need for a solution that was easy to use.

The first MVP of ParrotPlay was launched in June 2015, as a web based solution where the use could discover and play content from different streaming providers on the same web page. The development of this service continued throughout 2015 with continous improvements and an increasing user base. The solution was well received by users and both growth and retention where beyond expectations. However during the late fall, early winter months it became increasingly difficult to provide the experience the user wanted due to the limitations of what is technically possible to do on a regular web page. The user experience sufferd from this as users had to open a separate app or web-page to actually play the content. We also got request for new features such as remote control, as the cabel cutting users wanted a true channel up/down experience when they where switching channels. This lead to us taking a large leap of faith and before christmas 2015 we descided to discontinue the webpage and instead focus all our effort into developing the worlds first entertainment browser. A web-browser focused on optimizing the streaming experience.

We worked continously from Christmas until the end of May 2016 before we could reveal the first closed Alpha testing of our new browser. The browser uses your existing streaming services and supports single sign on, where the browser can sign you in. In this browser we can keep track of your viewing habits and help you find great content on HBO based on your Netflix history and it becomes effortless to find the service where something is available. With ParrotPlay it's no longer a problem if two seasons are available on one service and the rest is on another. We close that gap and help you stay entertained. You can also view your statistics to see what services you are actually using or use the statistics when you try a new service: See what services you are actually using and adjust your subscriptions with this in mind. As a family you share your subscription with your husband/wife and kids (see each service provider for terms and conditions). As the kids get older they get their own computer or tablet and you give them your user name and credentials. A lot of our users told us about this, and also about the problem where the usernames and passwords gets shared with your kids friends without your knowledge. As a response to that we created Home Sharing, where you can take back control over your credentials and still share access with your family. This does of course work seamlessly with our remote app that lets you control your browser, discover great content and share experiences with friends and family.

The next year we will focus on delivering ever an greater streaming experience. With more content, more content types and delivery to new platforms. Our AI parrot, Bruce, will get smarter and take a step further towards becoming the users assistant in the streaming universe. In addition we have some great additions that we know our users will love, but that we can't reveal just yet. So stay tuned and please support us by using ParrotPlay and subscribing.

Thanks, The ParrotPlay team

The team

Stig Eide Sivertsen


Stig is the rear breed between a senior executive and entrepreneur. He has served as the GM for Telenor Broadcast, CEO of Opplysningen 1881 and he founded, the first internet news aggregetaion site in Norway. Stig holds numerous Board positions in publicly listed and private companies.

Hein Espen Hattestad


Hein Espen have had a more exciting carreer than most of us and he is good at winning things. He started as a professional dancer, founded an advertisement agency sold to the Bates Group, became the CEO of P4 ended up running MTGs operation in Norway before he started Exoid Venture.

Borgar Ljosland


Is a serial entrepreneur, co-founded companies like Falanx Microsystems, FXI Technologies and Cstick Media; and served as a Director of Business Development in ARM ltd. He has a passion for artificial parrots.

Jone Brattland

Product Director

Is a master of tools and business. He is in charge of technical development, which also involves managing a distributed team of highly talented engineers. He has a passion for making stuff, pretty much anything that can be made, Jone can make.

Stig Runar Vangen

Director of Engineering

Stig Runar holds a master degree in computer science and he lives for coding. He has had a wide ranging career, involving most computer languages. His heart is in media technology and especially gaming. He has worked for Norway´s largest game company, Funcom.

Linn Sortebech

Director of User Experience

Linn has a bachelor in digital design and thrives best working with the users to constantly improve ParrotPlay. Linn works closely with Jone and Stig to deliver the unique user experience across Big Screen and mobile.

ParrotPlay Beta er nå lukket. ParrotPlay har samlet tilbakemeldinger fra flere tusen brukere og vi jobber nå med å lansere en forbedret versjon med nye features og flere hundre forbedringer som vi vet dere kommer til å elske. Eksisterende brukere kan fortsatt bruke ParrotPlay som normalt og vil være de første til å få tilgang til den ferdige versjonen av ParrotPlay.

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